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Mini Lathe Quick-Change Gearbox Kit!


After all these years, we're finally ready to send out some kits for Beta testing!


Thanks to the miracle of modern Polyamide high-strength Nylon, we're able to  "3-D print" these pieces without the need for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of injection molds, which would make a small-market item like this exorbitantly expensive.


The new kits are a 'major parts' type of kit -- side cases, selector plate, gear carriers, all bearings (sealed ball bearings) selector knobs and sundry other parts are included.


You need the gearset from your mini-lathe -- along with a few more gears which you can order from Littlemachineshop.com -- as well as 3 pieces of 12mm keyed shaft and some locking

collars you can order from McMaster-Carr or similar suppliers.


As soon as we get the results back from Beta testing, we should be able to quickly put these on the market for all of you serious hobbyists who need the convenience of gear changes done in seconds as opposed to minutes!