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Aermacchi M-50 / M-65 (Harley Models Inc.)

65cc 2-stroke single-cylinder engines


Aermacchi M-65
Clutch Press / Case Splitter Tool/Crank Press

/Crank installer set

$149.00 + $11.35 Priority Air Shipping

(Price for US orders ONLY)



This is a disassembly multi-tool for the
Aermacchi M-65 models.  This set covers four different essential functions:

1.) Clutch Press - This will apply pressure to the           clutch using the steel ring adaptor to allow                 safe removal of the retaining ring and clutch.

2). Case Splitter - Applied to the clutch shaft, this                 tool will press the two case halves apart.

3.) Crank Press - Apply to the right crank to push

          the crank through the pinion gear and remove           the crank from the cases.

4.) Using the installation tool, the crank can be pulled
          back into the cases -- this is also how the
          cases are re-assembled -- or moved back and           forth for end-play shim measurements.


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Aermacchi M-50 / M-65

Crankshaft Installer / Case Closer Tool ONLY

$39.99 + $5.99 s&h

(Price for U.S. orders only)



This is a Stand-Alone tool for drawing
the crankshaft back into the cases,
or for closing the cases on re-assembly.

The adaptor fits both ends of the crank. You simply screw the crank adaptor over the end of the crankshaft, lower the tool body over either end of the crank, and spin down the drawing nut on the end of the tool.  It'll pull either end of the crank in cleanly and easily, for installing the crank, closing the cases or measuring end-play.



Aermacchi M-50 / M-65

3-in-1 Puller Tool

Pulls: Flywheel, Clutch Hub

& Countershaft Sprocket

$39.95 + $5.99 s&h



(Price for U.S. orders only)

We've combined our three popular pullers for the M-50/M-65 engines into one tool!


Now instead of buying three pullers, one to pull the flywheel, one to pull the threaded-boss type countershaft sprockets, and one to pull the clutch hub, all three are combined into one surdy, economical unit.


The large end I.D. threads over the boss of the older type drive sprockets.  The O.D. threads into the clutch hub.  And, by reversing the motive screw, the small end threads into the flywheel hub!


This tool is made of CR and DOM steel, machined and TIG welded for long life.  The motive screw end has a chrome steel ball bearing staked in place, to protect the shaft ends.


A great tool, at an even better price!

       Flywheel puller mode                Clutch hub puller mode   Sprocket puller mode                       Ball Bearing End  

Aermacchi M-50 / M-65

Magneto Flywheel Puller

29.95 + $5.99 s&h




For those of you who don't do more than maintainance on your Aermacchi tiddlers, and want ONLY a flywheel puller, we'll continue to offer this single-purpose tool.

These are made as mentioned above, and are the only way to safely remove the flywheels without damage.  Never pry or hammer on these, or use a jaw-type puller!  If you don't have a factory-type puller, you need one of these.


(Magneto flywheel shown for demonstration only and not included)


Aermacchi M-50 / M-65

Clutch Hub Puller

$34.95 + $5.99 s&h

no longer available    

I'll mention precision again.  This is a precision tool.  It needs to be.  The clutch hub only allows one single thread engagement! 

The threads are precisely cut; the motive screw has a ball-bearing end to protect the clutch shaft.  The tool is very solidly made.

By the way, when working with Italian bikes, it's a very good idea to have a manual so you know what to expect!  When you pull the clutch hub on one of these little gems, you'll get a shower of uncaged ball bearings! Be prepared!

(Clutch hub shown for demonstration only and not included)


Aermacchi M-50 / M-65
Threaded Countershaft Sprocket Puller

$34.95 + s&h

no longer available    

Last but not least, the Sprocket puller.

If you're engine has a threaded boss on the outboard end, this is the puller you need.  It'll thread securely over the boss, and with some torque applied to the motive screw, will efficiently pop the little guy right off the tapered shaft.

(Note:  Some of these small engines use a splined shaft and sprocket -- make sure you need the older threaded version before buying!)

(Sprocket shown for demonstration only and not included)