Guitar Improvisation




Would you like to improvise

on the Guitar?


The art of improvisation is the very soul of music.  The ability to weave around the basic melody of any style song and interpret it makes it your own.

The author will show you some simple keys to unlock the connections between your ear, mind and hands, letting you express yourself more freely.

Included with the DVD is a single-user license for our NoteBuddy Software application.

While true improvisation is played spontaneously in the moment, part of what makes that possible in any given style is the ability to hear and interpret musical intervals by ear. NoteBuddy has an interval trainer that will play intervals of your choosing, to train your ear to easily distinguish between them.

Music isn't a solitary endeavor; communication with other musicians makes the experience even greater.  NoteBuddy will also help you

learn the names of the notes, and where they fall on the fretboard, as well as on musical notation.  (Even on the piano keyboard, if you wish!)

All this in a fun-to-use program!