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The Care and Feeding of the Harley Davidson

Twin Cam Engine Volume 1   DVD

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BikeBuddyV6 software application! 

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The Cams, Cam Chains and Tensioning System

running time: 1hr. 15 mins. prox.

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watch the introduction HERE!

Want to avoid a costly breakdown

of the cam chain tensioners?

Learn the simple steps to inspect your cam chain tensioner shoes, and how to replace them
when worn!

Want to upgrade the cams in your Harley Twin-Cam engine?

We'll show you how to remove and replace the cams!

Right off the showroom floor, this mill will handle just about anything you ask of it! 


Whether you want stump-pulling torque, mid-range pull, all-out screaming horspower or nearly anything

in-between, you can find cams that will match your engine's output to your riding style!

Whether you simply wish to inspect your tensioner shoes, or do a full cam swap, we'll take you through the process step by step, by means of on-camera demonstrations as well as

2- and 3-d computer graphic simulations.

We'll show you the procedures and the tools and equipment you'll need to do them.  Then we'll break down the process into manageable steps!  You can decide how much you want to do yourself, and/or how much to turn over to a trusted mechanic.

Along with this presentation, you've purchased a single-user license for the included

BikeBuddyV6 software.

(You can view End User License Agreement here.)

It's a simple-to-use yet powerful project-tracking program for our bike projects!


These disks contain proprietary software and may NOT be rented, leased, copied, shared or distributed in any manner.  {US COPYRIGHT ACT 109(b)}

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