SwarfRat Newsletter      May 16, 2012


Topics in this issue:

         New Release – “Turning Precision Tapers on the Mini Lathe”

                                                            Book and Plan Set


               Social Media Experiment – We’re trying out Twitter for SwarfRat updates


               Old Kits Back In Stock – Spindle Centering Scope,

                                                  Quick Release DI holder / Mic Stop

                                                  and Complete Mic Stop Kit with

                                                            Micrometer now Available



Our new release is in the form of a book and plan set.

In it we cover in-depth the three main ways to cut precision external AND internal tapers, namely by compound slide, turning between centers, or with a taper attachment.


The best way to cut extremely precise tapers is to use a taper attachment; something not normally available for the mini lathe until now!  We’ve designed an easy to build taper attachment that will hold VERY close tolerances, close enough to make precision Morse and other tapers for tooling and other projects!  The seven plan sheets are easy to follow, and the attachment is made from common aluminum, with a drill-rod shaft and a linear bearing.  It should be within the abilities of a Novice or better machinist, and can be adapted to fit other lathes!


The book is fifty pages of heavy stock, spiral bound to lay flat on the workbench, with over 80 full-color photos, as well as drawings, charts and seven plan sheets for the taper attachment!  We’re offering it at a special price, and to our mailing list folks first!  The first printing is ready to ship!


There is no link from our homepage; just click here:   www.swarfrat.com/TurningTapers.htm 



The whole world seems to be signing up on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.  We’ve been a bit behind the times…  However, it seems that Twitter might be a very good format for interaction with the metalworking community.  With little fuss, we could notify you of new releases, put out a call for Beta testers, pass on hints and tips – in short, it just might be worthwhile.


If you’d like to ‘follow’ us on Twitter, and be part of our social media experiment, just click on the Twitter button on our homepage, or go directly to:  http://twitter.com/swarftweets


Let us know what you think, if you have a moment.




Finally, all of you who’ve been waiting for our Spindle Centering Scope project kits, or the Dial Indicator holder kit, we’ve got them back in stock.
So many have ordered kits to use as a micrometer stop that we’ve went and bought a bunch of micrometers to include in a Complete Kit! 


To view the new kit, go directly to:  http://www.swarfrat.com/MicrometerStopPartsKit.htm



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