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DVD / VHS Presentations    Hobby Machining - Mini Lathe Instruction

$34.99 US

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Mini Machines 101 Volume 2 (Lathe Series)

Beyond the 3-Jaw Chuck:

Four-Jaws, Faceplates, Fixtures & More

This volume is designed to familiarize you with alternate methods of workholding that will allow you to use your lathe to its full potential!!

Some of the topics covered are:

Intro & Shop Safety

Setting up and using your 4-Jaw chuck

         - Centering Round Stock

         - Centering Non-round Stock

                    Tailstock & Laser Methods

                    The Lathe Wiggler

Faceplate Operations

         - Turning Between Centers

         - Using Fixtures for large workpieces

And with the purchase of this Volume, you've also purchased a Single-User License to use the "ShopBuddy" shop calculator software included on

the DVD!

Click HERE if you'd like to read the End User License Agreement

We cover installing and using it in the conclusion of the presentation.

Running time: 55 mins. prox.


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