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Here's the finished product -- one of our simple indicator holding clamps, joined up with a modified micrometer.  It works great!

Originally, this had been a pretty nice mic.  But by the time it got to me,

it was badly messed up.  The frame was actually sprung a little. 

( I shudder to think what it took to do that!)

If you run across one like it on eBay or at a garage sale, you're
all set!

Of course, you can watch for blowout sales on cheap Asian or Indian

1" micrometers.  I've seen some amazing prices from time to time!

(Or you could get our COMPLETE KIT!  Click HERE for details...)

They're very accurate, as far as the actual screw mechanism is

concerned, and that's the part you'll be using.


Either way, as unnatural as it seems, you've got to cut away the frame.



After that, it's a simple matter of chucking it very carefully in the lathe,

and turning the collar smooth.


Next, we'll measure how deep that collar is.  You don't want to
cut through and lose the end of the unit!

On this mic, I could only cut the shoulder back .375" and
to a diameter of .375".

Which I proceeded to do

Each side of the clamp body was milled back, so that a .375"
'stalk' was left protruding forward.

Since the horizontal bore was already .375" (the diameter
of all the indicators I'd been using in it) it was only a matter
of cleaning up the rough cuts and installing the mic body.


The clearance allows the mic body to be clamped, yet with room
around the thimble so that it can turn and be easily read.

(By the way, the numbers are upside-down, but surprisingly
it doesn't seem to matter.  It's very easy to read the mic.)

I expected it to be a useful tool, but I have to admit that it
works even better than I'd imagined! It provides a VERY

solid stop, and the accuracy is spot-on.

I wish I'd done this long time ago!

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