Viewers' Personal Motorcycle Restoration Projects

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We really enjoy seeing your progress,

and it's a blast for all of us to see the bikes

of our youths still roadworthy.

It doesn't matter if it's a 'Trailer Queen'

or a 'Ratty Runner,' we love the old


Show us what you're up to!


This one is my all-time favorite:

Like many of us

Glen from Australia fondly

remembered the YL-1 he had as

a youth, so he decided to

see if he could find one to restore --

An outstanding job!

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Lo and behold, another gent from Oz!

Adam restores a YL-1 that's been in the

family for quite a while...

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Mike Madden sent us this:

Here is a picture of my 1968 Bridgestone 350 GTR prior to the restoration process starting.  No surprise, the bike looks much better from a distance than up close.  Every piece of chrome has to be redone, metal pieces re-zinced, everything repainted, rubber parts replaced, cables replaced and the seat needs to be redone.  Luckily the engine doesn't need any work.  It's a project that will keep me busy during a long Minnesota winter.


He's FINISHED! Click on the picture to see the results!


Here's a different bike -- a Harley Davidson Sprint!  While I'm not sure of the exact stats on this bike, the forks and instrument panel makes me think it might be an early '70's model, and the bifurcated exhaust makes me think it's a 350cc. 

These bikes were made for Harley by Aermacchi of Italy, an Italian aircraft manufacturer.

John bought one of our Aermacchi Armature pullers, and was kind enough to send in pics of his restoration for our enjoyment.

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More stuff from down under!

John from New Zealand also begins

tackling YL-1!

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Here's a 'barn find' XL250 that my cousin

had sitting around for the last roughly 20 years.

She kindly sold it to me -- aside from a few

problem areas, it's in very good shape for

a classic!

(BTW, any bike over 25 years old can be referred

to as a 'classic.')

Hopefully, more pics soon.




This was sent in by an eBay

Vendor I bought some YL-1

parts from; sadly I misplaced

his name!

Dude, send me an email so I

can credit you for a great resto!

Beautiful job on an early YL-1.

I believe he had several more...

We hope to see more from him!