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$6.95 + s/h

SORRY - US Sales Only!

Quick-Release Clamp Bolt ONLY



Check back from time to time; we're trying to source a replacement

This GT Quick-release lever is a really nice unit! 

It uses a ball-and-socket configuration to cut down on friction, allowing a lot of clamping force without much effort, and the slick black finish is extremely durable.

The lever comes with a hard plastic socket washer and a straight-knurled

finger-nut also made from aluminum with the same tough finish.

It differs from the kit lever in that the plastic washer has no steel cup; the washer is stepped to take the place of the steel cup. 

(See picture)

You can use it this way, or simply sand the bottom step off, flattening it as the one pictured to the left.

Again, we have limited stock available, so if you'd like one of these, you might wish to order soon.  They really are nice little units!

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