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Mini Machines 101 Volume 3 (Mill Series) Precision Drilling, Reaming & Tapping  
Drill Ream Tapping

In this Volume, we'll introduce the spindle and tapers, collets and toolholders, as well as all sorts of regular and specialized drill bits, reamers and taps. 

We'll drill and ream for precision press and slip fits, as well as tap accurate threads and plunge-mill flat-bottomed recesses for fastener sinking. (Counterboring.)

You'll also learn to use the telescoping gauge, along with the outside micrometer for precise bore measurements, and use a dial indicator in conjunction with a wiggler for close-tolerance work. 

Section 1: Introduction, Safety and Spindle basics

Section 2: Wiggler and dial indicator for close-tolerance backlash removal, telescoping gauge and micrometer use

Section 3: Drilling, Reaming and Tapping tools, Drilling and Reaming, Tapping threads manually and plunge-milling recesses (Counterbores)

Running time: approximately 55 minutes.





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