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DVD Presentations    Hobby Machining - Mini Milling Instruction

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Mini Machines 101 Volume 6 (Mill Series)

Milling, Flycutting & Dovetailing


In this volume, we'll get you started making clean and precise cuts on your workpiece.Some of the topics covered:

Basic theory - Conventional vs. Climb millingUses of each
The Tools - Endmills, special cutters and nomenclature
Setting Tool Height - Different methods for setting the Z axis starting point for accurate machining
Referencing and Cutting Square - Inspecting our stock and setting it up to be cut square on all axes;  Strategies for holding unsquare stock
Finishing, Deburring and Breaking Corners
Using single-point flycutters to create flawless finishes, deburring and setting up workpieces for close-tolerance breaking of corners and chamfering.
Milling & Dovetailing
Milling deep features - setting up and cutting dovetails for sliding or clamping parts
Indicating the Center of a Hole or Bore
Using the test indicator to find the center of a bore to .00025" or better;  Using the Co-Axial indicator

Running time: 1 hour 8 mins.






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