SwarfRat Enterprises, L.L.C.

       Rental Policy & Instructions

     Renting SwarfRat presentations is easy.  Simply click on the "Add to Cart" button alongside your choice on the menu page, and pay via the secure PayPal site.  Very soon, you'll receive a padded mailer in your mailbox.  Inside will be an unsealed return mailer, with your
selcetion inside!

SAVE THE MAILER!  It has return labels and postage already applied!

      You have a full week to watch the presentation.  After the week is up, simply slip the DVD into the mailer,
seal the mailer with the seal-strip on the flap, and drop it in the mail. 


If you decide you'd like to buy the DVD, your rental fee can be applied against the purchase price!


Follow these easy steps and we'll send you a BRAND NEW DVD in a handsome protective case:

Some Important Points about our Rental Policy

           The rental period is ONE WEEK.

           We try to allow generous leeway, but if the  DVD is NOT back to us within 7 business 

           days after the rental period, you will be charged another week's rent. 

(If it comes back to us later than that, but the postmark shows that it was mailed on

           time, don't worry -- it's not your fault;  no extra charge will be applied.)

RENTAL FEES ADD UP!  It's much cheaper to be on time, or to exercise your purchase option.