Mini Machines 202

The Rotary Table: Curves Ahead!

 Introdution and Safety

     - Quick review of pertinent points

 Setting Up the Rotary Table

     - Clamping, rough and final indicating in

 Varying Degrees of Degrees

     - Decimal Degrees to Degrees, Minutes and Seconds, and 

        back again

 Dialing Degrees, Minutes and Seconds

     - Reading and using the DMS Vernier Scale

 Dividing Plate Setup

     - Installing and removing the Dividing plate setup

 Dividing Plate Calculations

     - Determining the correct plate and sector holes for our


 Bed Plate Basics

     - Increasing the utility of our mini rotary tables

 Going Horizontal

     - Using the rotary table horizontally, the tailstock, acessories  

         and the Quick Indexer Fixture

 Laying out and Visualizing Offsets

     - Setting Table offsets to simplify advanced operations

 Installing and Using the SpinBuddy Software

     - Instantly calculate all your operations