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Mini Machines 202: FAQs

& Shop Projects

Volume 1

This is the first volume in our new series!  The idea behind the series is to combine answers to Frequently Asked Questions, add in a bit of new tools and techniqes, and end up with an interesting and useful shop project!

In Volume 1 we cover roughing bits -- aka "corn cob" bits -- tilt tables for angle cutting, and the all-time most asked question on our website:

  "Where can I get some of those nifty 'S'-clamps you're always using?"

We answer that part by making  a set on-camera!  Included on the DVD is a JPEG file of a mechanical drawing of the clamp, so you can do the same!!

This to-the-point presentation should not only introduce you to a couple of new tools, but the clamps you'll make will be useful for decades to come!

for Novice to Expert machinists!


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