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Mill Spindle Centering Scope DVD

and Parts Kit Combo

"Everything but the toothpaste"*

*Obviously, you'll need a lathe, mill and appropriate tooling - but your choice of polishing compound can be Simichrome polish, Bondo Plastic buffing compound or the like, or common toothpaste!  The DVD will explain.


Please Note:  To polish the lucite lens, you'll need a wood radius block - shown in the picture below -

While this is an easily made item, we no longer make them.
You'll need a piece of wood - oak is nice - 3/4" by 1.5" and 3 or so inches long, in which you'll use a 1.5" hole saw to create a


DVD and Kit only

 $34.25 + s&h





If you'd like to save a lot of time and hassle tracking down and aquiring all the stuff for this scope project, (and avoid having to purchase larger quantites of items than you may need!) you can choose to purchase our convenient parts kit which includes:

3" x 1" x 1" block of 6060 Aluminum

4" x .5" Optical grade Lucite rod

2" x .375" precision dowell pin

1" x 1" Mirror tile

Emery Paper strips (150-1000 grit)

Plans (on file on the DVD)

Wood polishing block shown but NOT INCLUDED!

See note at top of page!

This is a great time-saver, as well as including enough Lucite for you to have leftovers for experimentation.   This is fun stuff to work with!