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Building SwarfRat's

VATOC Steam/Air Engine

INCLUDES: Free engine drawings

and single-user license for "ProjectBuddy" project-tracking application

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Mini Machines 202 Engine Building Series

Novice to Advanced

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Second Model In Series  

Welcome to Mini Machines 202!
This is our second in a series of engine-building projects for the novice / intermediate machinist. We're still working with the basic but amazingly elegant oscillating cylinder design, but we'll be making a slightly more complex and interesting model!

The VATOC cylinders can be angled from 90 to 180 degrees, so you can have a Boxer style

in-line twin, a V-twin, or something in between, changing in just a few seconds!

This engine is the next step forward from the single oscillating cylinder engine in our first volume, and while more complicated, is still within the reach of the novice machinist.

It requires basic lathe and mill techniques, and utilizes the rotary table to make the pivoting cylinder backing plates, but most of the parts, such as the flywheel, crankwheel, piston/rod assemblies and cylinders, among others, are taken directly from the first engine in the series!

All drawings are included on the DVD, as well as the complete plans and instructions for the first engine in the series, the Single Oscillating Cylinder Engine, which was designed by Chris Wood of littlemachineshop.com and included here with his permission.

Also included is a single-user license for our
Project Buddy project-tracking software. It's a handy tool for managing and tracking your projects!

Running Time: 1 hour 10 mins. (prox.)



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