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The ROC 3 & 5
Radial Oscillating Cylinder
Steam / Air



Newest Releases!

Building the

VATOC Engine!

The second in our 202 Engine Builders' Series,

The VATOC (Variable Angle Twin Oscillating Cylinder)

is a natural and easy transition from the Littlemachineshop Oscillating Cylinder engine, and uses nearly all the same parts!

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Shop Techniques and

Projects Vol. 2

Build a Spindle Centering Scope -and-

Tramming out Mill Head Twist!

Two great topics on one DVD!

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FAQ's and Shop Projects

Volume 1:

Using The Tilt Table,
Roughing Bit,


Building your own "Z" clamps

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New Release!

The Care and Feeding of the Harley Davidson Twin-Cam Engine Volume 1:

The Cams, Cam Chains and Tensioning System

with BikeBuddy Software Application

An inspection of your cam tensioner shoes NOW could save you an expensive suprise breakdown!

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Coming Soon!


Playing the Guitar:

Improvisation via the heart

and mind

NoteBuddy Software Application

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